, Signilsbäck

My name is Mats Söderholm and runs I live in Tavelsjö with my wife Lena & son Felix. My Lena loves to fish as much as I do. I have always liked to fish, time shortage and other choices in life have caused me not to prioritize it.

The idea of ​​starting Umea fishing I received during the winter of 2010, I was deleting my right-hand heel at a football training. I was stuck, no fishing and I sat there on the couch when the plans took off. I contacted a few insiders and then the wheel was rolling.

We may see out there?

Want to fish, request a quote!
Ice fishing 8-12 persons
Boat fishing, 2-4 persons
Food can be arranged or consumed according to your own needs
Discount for recurring customers
Private individuals pay at the boat or to account in advance
Company invoiced + VAT

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