MC Camp, Långviksvallen

View of Tavelsjön

MC camp and overnight stay

In the old saw in Långviksvallen we have an accommodation room with 26 beds for mc-tourists who need accommodation. We also have large green areas at Tavelsjöns beach for tents.

It’s very simple standard, but mc people are usually used to outdoor activities so you will surely enjoy yourself.

Just call and get instructions. Should no one answer, just take a sleeping place.

Of course, it’s completely free to stay with us as we only see it as a way to get back all the help we have received on our travels. If we are in place, we will also make sure you have breakfast before you travel.


Sawmill MC Tavelsjö
Långviksvallen 71
922 66 Tavelsjö

Info 070-573 90 31 Kent

Geokoordinater Lat 63.99470, Long 20.04000