P-E Bernhardsson, Överrödå


Överrödå is a village located directly at Vindelälven, and is best known for its beautiful nips down the river. In the mountain slope above the village one can find one of Sweden’s northernmost stocks of blåsippa.

Överrödå is 40 km from Umeå and 15 km from Vindeln, which is the main city center. Good bus connections to both Umeå and Vindeln. Bus stop near the accommodation.

Our accommodation is beautifully located about 150 meters from the river. Slope to the river in direct connection where there is a barbecue area and boat for rent for fishing or other recreation. In the river there are perch, pike and anglerfish like harrie and salmon (some restrictions on salmon fishing). In the nipland against the river there are eating cattle.


The accommodation consists of a farmhouse of about 80 m² with large family room, 3 bedrooms with a total of 6 beds. Well equipped kitchen with fridge / freezer and coffee maker, shower room with washing machine and separate toilet. Patio in the south. In the house there is a large TV and 100 Mbit Wifi.

The house is rented weekly during week 18 – week 41.

NOTE! The cottage is rented until September 2019.


Per-Erik & Ingegerd with the river in the background

Per-Erik & Ingegerd Bernhardsson
Överrödå 50
922 92 Vindeln

070-316 38 29


Geokoordinater 64.134492, 19.945602